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Erik Oliver Eyb, Member of the Advisory Board

In a competitive and dynamic environment,

excellence is needed to make a difference.

It is our passion to be one of our clients' best reasons

to attract and retain the rare and hard-to-find top-performers.

Erik Oliver Eyb, Member of the Advisory Board

Search for Excellence


Qualitas has been a quality leader in Executive Search for 15 years. We know how to identify and attract the best leaders, talents and specialists for your organisation. We fulfill this exciting task with responsibility,

devotion and an eye for the peculiarities of

each individual client.

Human Resources Consulting &
Interim Management


Whether in a start-up phase, during acquisitions, in a consolidation, or in turnaround situations: Qualitas successfully supports business organisations in need of specialised HR consulting and HR-interim placements. The advantage to our clients is a swift and immediate solution to their challenge with a clear cost forecast, in turn providing a higher return on their initial investment.

Management &
Innovation Appraisal


Buzzword Innovation – Maintaining sustainable growth and long-term performance requires a delicate balance of a reliable core business and continuous development. The complex process of value innovation and product, service, and process development challenges organisational structures, processes, and individuals on a daily basis. Therefore we have created our Innovation Management Appraisal supporting clients building innovative organisations that last and drive sustainable success.

Search for excellence

"I have always believed

that success would be the inevitable result if we sent the right person to fill the right place."


Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817-1894),

Speech in British Parliament, 1855. 

Search for Excellence


This quotation pinpoints one of the most challenging  questions in management and leadership that is still, after all these years, so vital:


Success is the result of the fit between requirements and skills, person and position, and between leadership and the stage of organisational development.


The key success factor of Qualitas is to actively and sustainably shape this fit by winning over and retaining exceptional leaders.


Our goal in executive search is to make the process more elaborated. We use our direct market know-how combined with our individual skills to deliver success and pro-actively support organisations in obtainig their competitive edge.


Qualitas acts as a partner, coach and mediator.


Our commitment, focus and competence represent dedication, personal approach and value-added immediate results.


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Structured and Pro-Active Approach

Qualitas conducts senior and middle management search projects via a highly structured, pro-active and results oriented business approach. The goal is to identify and win over the most suitable and best fitting high-calibre executives and specialists for our individual clients in a most effective and time-efficient manner.



Qualitas has a strong background in carrying out search mandates with an international scope. The majority of our assignments are cross-border searches.


Research based

Qualitas has an in-house research department. In addition to identifying suitable candidates we are capable of delivering complete market analysis, competitive studies and organisation mappings.


Distinctive Network of Contacts

Qualitas utilises its distinctive network of contacts including decision-makers, industry insiders and other business sources stemming from a respectable number of search assignments.


Client Respresentation

Through authentic, tactful and professional representation of our clients we are able to catch the attention and acquire the interest and commitment of the most suitable candidates. 


Strict Off-Limits Strategy

Our strict off-limits strategy has been a proven corner stone of our business ethics. Qualitas co-operates with a limited and carefully selected number of organisations within each industry to guarantee to our clients a broad and attractive search field.


Human ressource

“We support our clients in their immediate HR Interim & Consulting requirements. We ensure that there is a swift transfer of know-how and experience as well as a perfect fit to our prospective clients’ culture and values. “


Carmel Lee Paul,

Practice Leader HR Interim Management & Consulting

Human Resources Consulting & Interim Management


It is our goal to support the HR Interim and Consulting needs of our clients in any phase of the business cycle.


Each phase of the company development requires specific sets of skills and know-how.


Qualitas permanently invests time identifying, interviewing and developing senior HR managers with excellent track records, leadership skills and specific know-how to steer, lead and drive your most critical HR projects.


Our consulting offer


  • HR Interim Management (generalist approach or with specific areas of competence like talent management, succession planning, talent acquisition, compensation & benefits, payroll and many more)

  • HR Program & Project Management

  • Restructuring & Change Management Support

  • Market Studies & Benchmarks

Start-up Phase


  • New Ventures

  • Product Development

  • Expansion

  • Acquisitions



  • Integration

  • Best Practices

  • Management of Subsidiaries

Change Management /Turnaround


  • Integration

  • Best Practices

  • Management of Subsidiaries



Management & Innovation Appraisal


Organizations all over the world strive to become more innovative and develop next-generation solutions creating new customer value to maintain sustainable growth rates. Companies like General Electric, IBM, and 3M have constantly innovated and excelled industry standards for decades. Becoming an innovation engine requires organizational structures facilitating innovation, processes channelling innovations, and creative individuals capable of thinking out of the box. Although plenty of books and frameworks provide recommendations on how to create and shape the innovative company, only few provide a multi-layer and holistic approach.


Our Innovation Management Appraisal merges knowledge and expertise in organizational structure and development, business process design, and individual assessment. The approach addresses all organizational and process layers and aims to encourage ideation, market-oriented development, and a successful product and service launches. We have created a concept to screen your existing organization, processes, and employees as well as to detect room for improvement to strengthening existing efforts and become an innovation leader.


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