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Dr.Rudolf Arlt, Head of the Senior Advisory Board

Dr. Rudolf Arlt, Head of the Senior Advisory Board

The ability to deliver is the result of intense leverage of knowledge and a wide range of experience throughout various industries.
Qualitas has gathered substantial industry

know-how based on search assignments

and is proud of the own in-house research


 We are pleased to provide you an industry specific presentation including show cases and references upon request:



In the Industrial & Manufacturing sector Qualitas works with and supports both smaller and larger industrial companies engaged in the electronic, automotive, metal, construction, packaging, plastics, mining, chemical as well as energy and utilities sectors. In the recent years Qualitas has placed a substantial number of senior management positions across all relevant functions and has worked on most complex specialist hiring projects.  


Under the term technology we group a wide yet closely linked product and services area including such segments as hardware, software, e-commerce, commercial services, internet services, fixed and mobile telecommunications, equipment and semiconductor companies.

To have our fingertip on the pulse of digitalization and disruptive business models Qualitas has founded a Joint Venture Company with Speedinvest - one of Europe's most successfull early stage investment companies. In this joint venture company - SPEEDINVEST HEROESwe work with close to 150 digital startup companies from all industries and can utilize our knowledge to support our clients in their needs for digitalization. 


The Life Science & Healthcare practice has undergone a substantial growth for the past five years. Qualitas is a sought-after specialist for operations and R&D functions using its global reach to serve “Big Pharma” as well as start-ups, research-based companies, generic drug manufacturers, device manufacturers and diagnostic companies.


In the retail business we support food and non-food companies as well as durable and non-durable producers to fill their need for executive and specialist talent with a focus on expansion and new business development. Our partner company HARTMANN CONSULTANTS is the top choice for Executive Search in the European fashion business focussing on fashion, luxury goods, footwear, sports and living/interior design.


In the Financial Services industry Qualitas has been working on numerous assignments within the commercial and consumer banking as well as insurance industry dominated by the recent market trends in placing regulatory and risk positions for Basel and Solvency implementation. We offer in-depth function know-how in bank and insurance steering, operations including transformation as well as sales (private and commercial). We work for both the financial services industry and the relevant consulting industry.  In this sector we also serve clients from leasing, asset management, as well as from the venture capital and private equity sector.

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